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              Ferrous Sulphate heptahydrate
              Formula: FeSO4 .7H2O
              Descriptions:FeSO4 .7H2 O, usually called copperas, is green crystal grains. It has wide uses.
              Specifications:(Standard No.Q/CYT003-1997)
              FeSO4 .7H2O>=90%
              Insolubles in water<=0.5%
              TiO 2 <=0.5%
              Uses: Used for manufacture of iron red, iron black and iron yellow.
              Production of poly-iron sulphate for purification of tap water and treament of waste water in industry.
              Feed additives for animals.
              Used in improving alkaline soil.
              Used for catalysts, mordants and blue inks.
              Packing:In polyacryl-woven bags lined with polyeth-lene plastic bags, 50kg net each.
              Note:Store in dry and shady place, not be exposed to the rain and sun.